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Hi everybody!!  As you all know I joined the vending business in March, bought 10 1-800 machines, did about 4 months of research, and started in July  placing 3 machines each month.  So far I have 6 machines on location and I want to share my experiences.  Since I'm just starting out I check my machines every 2 weeks.

Beg. August                                       Mid Aug                            Beg Sept

1. JC Penney     64.39                      47.81                                  63.55

2. Good Year         6.65                        7.25                                    7.00

3. Heavy Equipment  N/A                   N/A                                        N/A

4.NTB                                                                                                20.25

I havent had the chance to check on the last 2 locations.  They will be checked this weekend.  This is so exciting for me!! I could not have done it without you guys support and encouragement !! 

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Great start Pinkbeats. Don't give us all the credit. You did your homework before starting out with placing machines. You have done a great job! JC Penny's looks like a great account. Keep adding each month and you will build a nice route.

Let us know how things are going.


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Thanks even more guys!!!!  Man I remember a conversation I had wih Mountain Man about how it feels the first time you go to service your machines and the feeling you get when you see all those quarters.  When I went to the JC Penny for the 1st time I nearly did a HAPPY DANCE right there in the store!!!!  The tray was just overloaded  with money!!!!  By the way I checked  on the Heavy Equipment place and it only had $8 after  a month and a half. I may have to pass on that one and go somewhere else.  I love you guys!!!  I'll keep you posted!!

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