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This is a niche product, but my only experience is with this machine.


*More expensive than usual machines.

*Larger footprint than usual machines.

*If they hit the target they win a free gumball, doubling your cost on that vend instance.

*Probably more of a niche product.


*Excellent quality.

*Unique. Stimulates repeat play and higher sales because it's a game.

*Some locations are more likely to allow you in because of its uniqueness. Example, the baseball themed insert works great when pitching batting cages.

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pdavid, I have 6 of these machines. They do pretty well in the locations I have them. You have listed some good pros and cons for them. From my experiences the cons you listed outweigh the pros you have listed. This machine is to expensive and does not produce the revenue you would think. I would stear clear if I were you and had it to do all over again.

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Yeah, I wouldn't buy one new unless I had a golden location. We had them in some Perkins restaurants a few years ago and they were grossing over $300 a month until the district mgr kicked us out. I have them in some batting cages and they gross around $100 a month in the upseason.

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I have been running interactive vendors for 15 years and i have over 100 of them on my route. (i make my own type). i run 90% with good mix of 27mm balls.

they have a many good reson to be in the mix of every bulk vendor equipment selection.

1:they are steady money earners

2:truble free

3:good door openers with new locations.


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