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In forming LLC, why do I need an agent?


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Yes, that's what I meant alyssamma. Since I am considering using Legal Zoom, I would like to know what is it they (as the "Agent") will be doing for me if anything? Why would I need to pay them $150 extra to do this? I mean I'm all for it if it would make things easier but I would like to know the what's and why's:)

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FYI, you can form this for yourself by going to the Secretary of State's website for PA.

Also, you should be your own agent. I had a C-Corp for 6 years and now have an S-Corp that has been around for 7 years. I was/am the agent for both. Never had anything to do :)

Do like Outlander said and be it yourself.

Unless LegalZoom is really cheap, do it yourself :)

For PA: http://www.dos.state.pa.us/corps/cwp/view.asp?a=1093&Q=431161&corpsNav=|

It costs $125 for file yourself.


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The only reason you would need to hire an agent is if you were incorporating in another state that you do not have a physical address in.

For instance, to incorporate in Massachusetts, would cost someone well over $1,000.00, state fees included.

By contrast, someone from Massachusetts can incorporate in Delaware or Nevada for a quarter of that price but would need a registered agent in that state. The agent functions as a person and physical address in case someone is needed to sign and receive any legal documents that may be delivered to your corp.

If you are incorporating in your own state, you should be your own agent.


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If you are doing basic vending and nothing else, form a single person LLC and be taxed as a sole prop.

There is zero reason you would need a C-Corp.

If you are doing more than vending, or bringing in more than $50K/yr, an S-Corp might have some advantages for you.


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