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AMOA International Expo, Pictures

West Coast Vend LLC

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Wow! I have just returned from the AMOA show held in Las Vegas, NV. This show was a first for me. I was waiting for the doors to open at 10am sharp. I didn't  know what to expect but once I walked on to the show floor I knew I had come to the right place. The sights and sounds of vending machines was music to my ears and a delight to see. I had died and went to heaven. I was like a kid in a candy store. I held on to my wallet thinking about my credit cards and how much I should or could spend for the next three days. I would stop at each booth and ask as many questions about the products that the company had to offer. Everyone was here under one roof. This was great!

I had a plan before coming, but once I saw all these booths lined up, I could not remember what and who I wanted to see first. I must have circled the booths about a dozen or more times in the three days I was there. Each time I would pass I would see something I hadn't seen before. Companies like A&A Global, Northwestern, VSI, The Vending Times, S&B Candy, All Star and many more were all there waiting for me to visit them and tell them all about my vending business.

Many of these companies showed new product releases and were there to answer questions you may have about their products. VSI showed me their new stickers and tattoos while Northwestern displayed their new triple-head vender and their long awaited "strong box". (see pictures) A&A Global & S&B Candy displayed new products and all-time favorites. Brand Vending Products was one of those last stops that was great because I got to see some great 1" &  2" capsules that I have never seen before. They sell round 1" capsules that I was very interested in.

What was really neat was it wasn't just bulk vending machines. Coast to Coast had their new Popeye skill machine, new crane machines and stackers. (see pictures) A&A Global had their new candy mixes for candy cranes, Rhode Island Novelty displayed a great line of plush for cranes and K&K Sales Company showed off their line of porcupine balls for crane machines and other cool products. (see pictures)

Camlock systems was there with their great line of locks and MEI displayed the latest in bill validators. Lectro's innovative stair climbing systems sells a hand truck that makes moving full-line machines a snap!

My last few moments at the show I spent pondering the valuable time I had at the show, the last three days in Vegas.  I have attached a few of the pictures that I took just to give you all a feel of being at the show.

If you are new to the vending business or have been doing this for years, you should mark it on your calendar for next year. I know you will be as excited as I was.

See you at the show.



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