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Noob from MO


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I'm looking into getting in the business. And I am glad I found tis site. Almost went with some biz op. Luckily I did my research first and found you guys. So now my plan is to buy used and grow the business while still keepig my night job. Still doing more research into exactly what I want to do. Was thinking of snack and soda's at first. Didn't even think of bulk til I got to this site. SO I might just dabble in them all with a little of everything.


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Well, I decided to buy 10 DI machines and locations. I figured I would try this route since they are practically my neighbors and I can save money over time on the lack of shipping charges. I like to keep the money local if I can. Plus I liked talking with Steve. Now I can't wait to get them placed. The hard part I think will be the waiting to service them for the first time to see how they did.

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