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Vote for the new VENDiscuss slogan!


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Here is a list of the semi-finalists that will be voted on soon.

  • Round 1a winner - "Get the Bulk of Vending knowledge here"
  • Round 1b winner - "The Vending World at your Fingertips"
  • Round 1c winner - "The Keys To Your Vending Business"
  • Round 1d winner - "Dispensing Knowledge One Post at a Time"
  • Round 1e winner - "The Source of your Vending Knowledge."
  • Round 1f winner - "Where everyone's two cents can make you a quarter"
  • Round 1g winner - "Get your vend on."
  • Round 1h winner - "Bulk up on your vending knowledge!"
  • Round 1i winner - "Worldwide experience without the jet lag!"
  • Round 1j winner - "Sweet Success- One Quarter At A Time!"
  • Round 1k winner - "Connecting the vending world"
  • Round 1l winner - "Vendors Information Network"
  • Round 1m winner - "Change you can take to the Bank."
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