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So I put in my first triplehead into a pizza place and within 2 minutes a little kid grabs onto the top and starts banging it against the wall - right in front of the owner of the place and me! Is there some trick to making the base of the stand more secure, without drilling into the floor, so it's more secure?


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You could chain it to the wall if the owner is okay with that or make sure kids like that...never mind.

I have 1800's and the base and stand are very heavy and wide enough to keep the machine from tipping over. Screwing it to the floor, if it is wood, would be great but most businesses have concrete, so that is going to be a problem. If the business is doing really well, put 2 triple-head machines on a bulk rack, (same size footprint). That will solve the tipping issue and give you double the heads and product selection.


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