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Looking for a very specific type of machine


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I have a project I am working on and I am wondering if a vending machine exists. I am busy at my day job and just don't have time to do the research. So I am hoping you experienced guys/gals know of just the machine.

I want a tall machine (4-5 feet)

will vend a capsule that will hold an item 1.5" round

has coin mech to take 2 quarters

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I don't think vending machines exist that vend 1.5" object, but you can obviously put them in 2" capsules and use a capsule machine. I work for candymachines.com so to give you an idea, we have bouncy ball machines that can vend 2" bouncy balls AND capsules, see the link below. We also sell empty capsules that you can fill yourself. AND you can probably get a decent deal if you call into customer service and ask them what the best price they can get you is. The candymachines.com customer service number is 1-800-853-3941





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That's a great question and I'm not sure. My best advice would be to call between 8 am and 5pm pacific time and chat with harris or jerry (or really, whoever answers the phone) about that or to see if they have ideas for another machine that might work for you. Did you look at any of the other machines on the site? We do have others that vend 2" capsules that are probably about 4-5' high with a stand and are a bit lower priced at http://www.candymachines.com/Pro-2-Toy-Vending-Machines-C34.aspx

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