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help with dn 501e


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I just set up a used dixie narco 501 e that i bought.  It has 9 columns.  some are set up for bottles with the shims puchs back.  I filled up the ones that were set uo for cans with cans.  I followed the instructions and set the brown cams to position 1.  I tested it repeatedly and sometimes all the selections vend twice while other times they do not vend at all and it keeps the money.  Please help me out as i already have this on location and the people need their drinks. 

Thank you Baruchi

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I'm assuming that you have the cams set correctly, spring and rod in the center holes.  The front holes of the rotor are hard to see, if your one hole off you will be having your problem.  I am also assuming that you are not having a problem with the one wide column. The shim goes on the right hand side and there is only a suttle differance between the bottle shim and can shim. So make sure you have the right ones. If all this is correct, the next thing I would look at is the rotor. (Basket). On the E machines for some reason they are made with a thinner metal than the older machines. If there was ever a bottle jam there is a good chance it slightly twisted, check that real good because that will also give you the problem you are experiencing.


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