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Have you ever seen your machines make you money?


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Hey guys,

Just wondering how many of us have been able to see people dump quarters into our machines. I love it when I get to see that first hand.

The best one was this year at a 4th of July event. I watched a lady dump 14 quarters into our gum ball machine.......... That was cool!

My other favorite was years ago when I had a triple in a coffee shop that my friend owned. I used to hang out there and visit (AND GET FREE COFFEE) I was there one night and watched 4 people use the machine in about 45 minutes. That was cool too.

The other thing I am wondering about is how you first reacted the first time you opened up your first machine and saw the quarters.

I remember the first time I opened up my machine (I had located it in a "dollar store") I was going to wait 4 weeks before I checked the machine..............Yeah Right! I lasted about 9 days. When I first walked in to check the machine it looked like I didn't sell any candy (I was a novice.) When I opened up the machine and saw the quarters in there I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Mainly because I had done it on my own. No biz-op, no locater. I thought it was really cool! I only made about $7.00 but it was an awesome experience starting up my own business.....


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It's a great felling I must admit. I was waiting for my takeout pizza just the other day when a young mother and her daughter came in. The daughter, probably 5 or 6, made it very clear that it was her intent to purchase a big handful of Runts from my machine! My first thought was "Oh this is great!" Then I started to worry, Will the machine jam? will they be happy with the amount of product given?

The quarter slid into the slot and time stood still. It seemed like an eternity. The little girl, with her mother standing watch over her ever so slowly reached out for the knob. Her face, expressionless. Her eyes darted around as if she were scoping out the most perfectly shaped banana runt. THE banana runt that no other could compare to. THE banana runt that if she did not receive on the very next vend, would cause her to spiral out of control and into a huge tantrum. But she had not turned the handle yet! The possibility of receiving that very Runt was still an exciting prospect. As her hand drew closer to the machine, my own anticipation grew deeper! The muscles in the  back of my neck tightened, My eyes dilated and grew wider! A small bead of sweat appeared over my left brow, welling to the point that it could no longer bear its own weight! Just as it began to slide down my brow, the handle was turned! The sound of the quarter crashing down into the pile of change was sweet! Combine that with the sounds of flowing Runts collecting in the chute was music to my ears! She opened the chute flap to reveal her bounty. There it was! The most desired banana Runt possible! She shrieked with excitement as she scooped the handful of colorful candies from the machine and exclaimed to her mother that she "GOT IT". But her mother knew, as did I, that she had not. However, she was none the wiser. As they walked past me, her mother gave me a quick glance and smile almost as if she knew that it was my machine.



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After months of reading and researching ( mostly Robert Patterson's and Steve's forums ) an attorney friend of mine placed a simple XYZ double head machine in the lobby of his law office. After 10 days I serviced it and found $10.50 in it. In ten more days it had another $12 in it. My friend said that if I brought him more machines he would place them in several locations for me...he did.


One location is a popular Mexican restaurant. After just two weeks I serviced the machine and found $32.75 between both heads. Two other locations were the lobbies of large motels. When I checked the locations after just one week both locations had about $7 each in them. If that remains a standard it should average $28 a month per motel lobby.


At this time I have 9 double head machines on locations. I have 9 more in my living room with a hope to have them all on location by this Friday. You are correct.....the first time you see the money you know it is for real. Thanks.


                                                                                                       Alan L. Sampson

                                                                                                        AMC Candy LLC

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Three months ago I started reading Roberts and Steves forums each day. Since then I have obtained reasonable insurance and a local occupational licence. The insurance cost less than $300 a year. The licence from the city was no charge because the machines support a well established charity. I have gone with the National Childrens Cancer Socity. Their charity stickers are $1 per month.


The first three new machines were XYZ that I obtained. The next 15 were obtained through Robert Patterson and they were GMW. All 18 are double head basic models. They are not the best but are reasonably priced for starting with new machines. My local Sam's Club is 22 miles away and I bought a membership there for $40. Their prices on bulk vending candy and gum can not be beat.


Saturady I sent out 200 e-mails to local businesses. I have not and do not expect much of a reply. Many people read e-mail yet never reply. The intent was to hear from me. If they listed their e-address with the local Chamber, they heard from me or will on Monday morning.


                                                                             AMC Candy Company

Dear Location Owner,

My name is Alan and I own and operate AMC Candy Company here in Crestview. We specialize in placement and service of small coin operated gumball and candy machines. 100% of our bulk candy and gum machines are placed for charity purposes and benefit The National Children’s Cancer Society.

I am writing this letter to you today to ask for a donation of space in your establishment. Your donation of as little as 1 square foot of floor space will help us to continue to donate to this worthy cause. We are a proud member NCCS’s Vending Outreach Program and do our part to help raise over $500,000.00 each year to assist children with cancer.

We have the ability to provide you, and your customers, quality candies and gum from our machines placed in your location at absolutely no cost to you. If you decide to participate, we will deliver a brand new, clean and visually pleasing machine to your location. We will handle the set up and maintenance and you will assume no liability or continuing obligation.

If you have any questions about our services, or to have a free machine placed in your establishment, please feel free to call us at 682-4261 If you wish not to participate, please forward this letter on to someone who might be interested.

Thank you for your time,

Alan L. Sampson



Really......Am I missing something about just 100 locations. I hope I am not " spining out " and not know it. It just does not seem hard to find locations one way or the others. It is my belief that there are many professional locators that someone can hire. Ask both Robert and Steve about locators. A good one is hard to find. They are really out there....finding one is the hard part.



The next step after finding locations is to buy candy and gum in bulk at Sams Club where a gumball cost 1.8 cents. Drive around and put them in machines where people will buy them for 25 cents.People have been putting money in vending machines for over 100 years now. Am I missing something? Most of the popular products like peanut M&M's will cost you 5 or 6 cents a vend for an honest amount.


I have started asking my friends to assist me in finding profitable locations. Mark is an attorney that placed 5 of them for me already. Using the telephone from the Tampa area my sister found 4 locations out of 16 phone calls to my area. Eric is a local pest control owner that that has a profitable route in this area. We consider going into business together two years ago. I am offering $20 a location just to make it worth their time.



Today I asked all of them to assist in locating machines. Mark has several already lined up. Crestview is still one of the fastest growing communities in Florida. Once I " tap -out " my friend I will consider hiring a a professional locator if I do not have 100 locations. I sent the below e-note to Mark this morning.






Subject: Locations

Hi Mark 


Do you know the local UPS delivery driver, Candy ? She has been one of the main UPS drivers in Crestview for the last 8 years. Her dad ran for mayor back in the " good ole' days " . I think it was the late 1980's. We were in her garage a few years ago and I seen an old political yard sign. Candy knows almost everyone that is in business. I have considered her a good friend for many years now.


Today I asked her if she would assist with finding and placing small vending machines. I informed her that it was my intent to be completely " above board ". My research has established most small venders are not. It just is not that hard to follow the rules. Licensed, insured and sharing the profits with a honorable charity.


Candy said she knows a few places that might be interested. She named Earl's and a few others. My entire business plan was loosely based on $10 a location per month per location. It seems that I may have under-estimated the monthly average for a route in the Crestview area. A triple head vending cashews and two other kinds of nuts would take in $100 per month....easy. Earl does not sell peanuts in his popular Oyster Bar.


Candy asked me to make copies of the " charity letter " and she would pass them around and ask during her different deliveries around Crestview. I volunteered a $20 finders fee for each machine placed for 30 days. She quickly accepted the offer. As you said, owners that know people are much more inclined to allow a placement.


It really is simple math. I am absolutely positive that $20 a location is obtainable. This area is not over run with vending routes. Finding and locating 100 homes for small vending machines in this area is possible. 100 X $20 = $2,000 a month gross. In a years time that is 24K a year gross. Did you know that a ten dollar an hour job is a 19K a year full time job.


By industry standard it is considered easy to maintain and service 100 locations a week. I also believe this to be true. It just does not take long to re-fill and service a location. It was not un-common for me to do 20 pest control stops in one day. Someone could do 20 to 30 " bubblegum machine " stops each day while taking a two hour lunch.


I always did claim that one hundred locations that grossed twenty each would be all we ( the kids ) need to supplement my retirement income. A local vending route will be a great source of income for me while enjoying some of life.


 Thanks for all the support. Any time you are ready to place any machines so am I.....just call.




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