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Looking for the ultimate pathway to financial freedom? Did you ever wish you could “have it made?†How would you like to “be your own boss?â€

Imagine always having sunny days, driving around in your always new luxury vehicle while making over $1000.00 a day or more. All by doing absolutely no work! That's right! You can become independently wealthy almost overnight and never have to work again!

Imagine having money for that dream vacation (every year), That new BMW, living in a beautiful mansion and even money to invest in more “biz-opsâ€. Yes, you can “have it all!†UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL!

You'll never have to work another day of your life.

That sounds too good to be true, you say. Well we say!

Bulk vending is the answer to all of life's problems and can turn you into a millionaire almost instantly.

Let us tell you about our new program.

It's simple:

First you attend one of our sales pitch meetings called a “home business seminar.†During this “seminar†you'll find out that our bulk vending machines are making people millions of dollars every day. You'll learn how to make big money 24 hours a day seven days a week (even if all your locations are only open from 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday.) You'll never have to work again! “our machines do all of the work for you. You'll find out how easy it is to have your own successful vending business and we'll get you started TODAY!!!! You'll hear testimonials of how wonderful life is for people ever since they purchased our business package.

After our “seminar†you'll be cornered by one of our slick talking, high pressure, sign now on the dotted line sales reps. He'll tell you how you can make over $1,000.00 a day with our plan. You can ask him questions like How much money will I actually make with this business. He'll say Well, how much money do you actually want to make.... it's up to you! The more machines you have the more money you'll make! He'll show you our simple formula:

1 triple head machine X 60 vends a day (per head) = $45.00 per day (per machine) Multiply that by 25 machines = $1125.00 per day!!!

All you have to do is find locations that will give you 180 vends per day! Imagine having 50 or even 100 of our machines out there making you money 24 hours a day seven days a week!

Our sales rep can put together a perfect business package for you. He'll tell you about our great special deals AVAILABLE "TODAY ONLY" FOR “SEMINAR†ATTENDEES. “What special deals!†you'll ask in anticipation. Well,due to the huge success of our “seminars†we are able to offer some great deals to “seminar†attendees.

First you can get not only our basic 25 machine business plan but if you buy RIGHT NOW, you'll get our locater package at Half off the usual price. That's right only $150.00 per machine to get locations for your business. We normally charge $300.00 or more.

But there's more. This week only we are giving away 1 FREE vending machine with any business package purchased at one of our "home business seminars!" That's earning potential of an extra $45.00 or more per day, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Not only that but we've also slashed our product starter package for seminar attendees. If you buy any one of our plans RIGHT NOW!!! we'll include vending product to fill your first 25 machines for only $3,000.00. We normally charge $5,000.00

Thats 25 machines + 1 free machine = 26 machines total  $16,250.00

25 locations total $3,750.00

And product so you can start making money right away! $3,000.00

The total price is only $23,000.00 (For your own vending business!)

Most businesses cost millions to start and take years for a return on investment.

We can even finance!

SIGN UP NOW!!! And start making money right away!

**We do not guarantee that you will make 1 penny with this overpriced investment. The numbers we present during our “seminar†are only examples. You may actually have to work to service your route. Quarters do not magically appear in your pocket as you simply drive past your locations as may have been implied during our presentation. Locations provided by our locating service are not guaranteed to provide 180 vends per day we don't even guarantee 1 vend per day. Current finance rate for all business packages is 36.9% APR.

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The total price is only $23,000.00 (For your own vending business!)


I'm sold! I'll take 2 please! To all the members of VENDiscuss, I bid you adieu, I'm off to make my millions!


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