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When I started running cranes, at first I went with medium plush ............until a holiday rolled around . I went to order medium holiday plush and was quick to learn no one carried it. Small or large. Well the small IMO is tiny which I didn't like , so I decided to go with large, and stick with all large. I am running 31 " & 38" cranes and as far as the claw picking up the plush and people winning it is not an issue. What I am having an issue with is locations saying people are whining they don't win enough times. Locations do not like complaints, Nor do I so I need to address this.  The only remedy I can figure  to do this with a profit is cut costs on plush & increase wins  So for holiday we cant go down to medium , small would be the only other option. I also have heard a few ops running small and killing it with great collections. Figured id ask on here whats what.

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