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spreadsheet templete for bulk vending


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I have all my numbers (candy cost, locator costs, money taken in) all over the place, very unorganized. Does anyone have a spreadsheet they use that they'd like to share. I'm not into purchasing a software program just yet.

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I have been using Quicken to track expenses and revenues for many years. You simply create your own expense and revenue categories to track at the level of detail that you find appropriate. You can then report, summarize and graph based on those categories. Many reports have a drill down capability, so that if you are looking at a summarized total (such as candy), you can click and see the details that make up that total. The basic version cost about $29 and I only update it every 3 years - so it cost me about $10 per year. I am on the 2006 version and it works just fine. You will need to spend some time thinking through and setting up your category codes that support your way of doing business. After that, simply create an Asset and start entering your transactions for debits and credits. It's simple AND cheap!


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