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TMI & Trial By Fire


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My Name is Eddie, and Blue and Roxie are my dogs.

I have been in Bulk Vending for a year, but have looked at vending in general in the past as a business I thought I might want to pursue.

I have an automotive background including working at all levels of a small town new car dealership, as well as owning two used car lots. In 2000 I somehow agreed to manage a Full Service Car Wash that was being purchased by several Investor friends of mine with no experience in the Car Wash Business. After six years of 70+ hour weeks to stay afloat, I managed to find someone who assumed my role at the Car Wash and I began to look to the future.

Another Investor/Accountant/Attorney friend asked if I might have an interest in running a vending operation? When we met he explained that two years prior he had financed the purchase of 30 Vendesign 4 in 1 carousels to start his son in law in the vending business. When the son in law quit after 60 days, my friend was forced to find time to service these machines. Now he was thinking of getting serious and had raised the capitol to go to the next level. Was I interested in running the day to day operations as well as developing a system we could use to expand and run the business?

With the understanding that I might want to branch out and purchase my own machines in another area in a few years, I agreed to manage the new venture and find/create a system where we could replace me when I had my route built. That was when I was shown a warehouse with over 1,000 new machines in the box.

A year has passed.

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