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Local Hunger Charity Vending


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I've decided to use Local Hunger Charity, and try to forgo commission vending.  It appeals to my sensibilities for a few reasons.

1.  I love eating, I think everyone should do it :-P

2.  More potential profit.  A fixed $1.50/mo or $1/mo is much better than a 30%-50% hit (while I am waiting for my first machines, I've been on the other side providing the real estate, and that was a 50/50 split)

3.  Local Hunger's list of states in which they received donations last year did not include New Mexico.  Meaning, I have an angle no one is working here.

4.  I like their pitch, and the results generated.  A brief excerpt:

'Each vending machine in our program enables distribution of 80 to 100 pounds of food per year'

This seems like an excellent response to the 'How much do you donate?' question.

What charities do you folks support with your business?

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I printed out the paperwork I'm planning on mailing out a check on Monday.  Steve, I know that you use charity-machines exclusively.  Can you tell me a little bit about your approach when you broach the topic of placing a machine?  I seem to recall you saying you develop a relationship first before you discuss placement. 



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