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antares vending machines


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Hi all:

         Does anybody have any info or experience about this combo mechanical vending machine or if somebody owns that kind of machine that can give us some feedback.

    Thanks for all.               fer. vendalo

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I'm interested in these too. There are literally hundreds of these for sale on the used market.

How well are they accepted by the public?

Do they hold enough product to last a couple of weeks?

Are the mechanical coin mechs reliable and vandal proof?

I can get these pretty cheap, but that might be a danger signal.

Any information will be appreciated...



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There bus/op sells them for $6000 plus for the first 5 or 10, depending on how fast you start.  The machine should cost around 1500-1900 bucks.


From what I learned, it is a very well built machine.  Its for smaller business markets between 19-50 emplyees. I just got my $2000 deposit back from them after backing out.  That was actually very nice of Planet Antares to do that for me.  They certainly did not have to.

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Newbie here, looking for a manual or someone who knows why my Antares FMR7 keeps freezing over in the top section and back wall of the soda machine.   (no problems w/the bottom section)   Manf. date of 2000, runs VERY cold, maybe that is my problem?

I bought this on ebay, local pickup, and have had pretty good luck with it except for the defrosting every week.  The soda's get stuck and won't go down the chute.  There are three round holes cut through the door of the soda side that I guess help keep the snack side cooler.  I don't know if these were and aftermarket mod., so yesterday I put Gorilla tape over them, thinking maybe they are causing too much humidity to get in.  Did I mention I am in HUMID Florida? :X

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I only have one machine and I basically got it for my fellow employees who can't leave work while on duty.  It's paid for it's self already!


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