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License, Taxes, Insurance. Am I missing anything?

Honda man

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So, I spent most of the day taking care of legalities.  I'm trying to be completely above board on everything. What a pain!

1. Filed my business name with the county.

2. Checked with county tax collector. All business equipment will be taxed. Comes to  about $1 per machine per year.

3. City and county zoning offices. A required formality.

4. City tax office. Much confusion! It's either going to be $28 (total) per year, or $4 per location per year.  The law isn't clearly worded and can be interpreted in different ways. She's going to call nearby cities and inquire how they tax vendors.

5. State Dept, of revenue. Will tax half of gross income at 6.75%.

Still have to get federal ID, business checking account and liability/property damage insurance.

I was kind of surprised that there are no city, county or state licenses required for bulk vending businesses. Cool! :D

Am I overlooking anything? How does this compare to other areas? By the , I'm located in N. Carolina.


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