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Using a locator


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I am curious how many bulk venders, who have been in the business for awhile, rely primarily on locators. Do you think someone can stay profitable relying on a locator to locate 75% or more of their machines on a regular basis? It is a must that you locate the majority of your machines to turn a profit?


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Alot of members of this forum are new to vending-less than 1 year.A good way to get started and get your feet wet is to hire a locator to secure locations.Some do it for ease of placement because of time restraints, some because they don't feel confident in securing locations themselves.There are multiple reasons to either use or not use a locating service. It's all what works for you and your business.

And yes, in order for you to be proffitable,the machines must be somewhere other than in your garage or storage.

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