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Locating in a K Mart?

Honda man

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Has anyone tried to locate a machine in a K Mart? I noticed 2 machines with charity stickers (owned by 2 different companies) located in the layaway area. One of the 2-heads was fairly full but the machines were white and looked like they hadn't been cleaned in awhile. The other 2-head was completely empty on one side and about 4 gumballs remaining in  the other side. I talked to the lady at the counter and she said there was another machine in the breakroom that was almost empty. I got the name of the manager and am going go see him about possibly putting in one of my 4-selection units.   I'm going to give him my spiel (NCCS, etc) and stress that I own and service my own machines and how I will keep them well stocked, and visually appealling. Any suggestions on how I should approach him on this?

Is there a chance of putting in machines in the front of the store or do they contract with a large vending company? They have a 9 head rack in really pathetic condition. Cracked globe, not very clean, dented, and product in machine isn't what is shown on the label. I'm going to ask & just see what he says.


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Hi Ernie,

Here in Aust i have uturns in K-Marts and other similiar size variety stores and large chain supermarkets, the majority of these machines are sited in the breakrooms / lunchrooms. I find siting the candy machines on a charity basis in these stores reasonably easy, although some store managers can prove difficult.

I do like these sites, whilst the turnover is not huge, i find here we are averaging no less than $36 per month,sometimes a lot more whilst not as good as some of our other sites they are a steady good earner.

Kind of like Kyle said you would need to start at the area/or regional manager level first and obtain the corp office contact details and go from there

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