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Finally took the leap


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I'm Joe and I am new to bulk vending. Wow! Sounds like I'm in rehab. Anyhow, I finally spent money on my assumed name, and ordered my first machine last night. I got a proline three head machine from GBW. Can't wait to get it located!!!! I have to say this whole waiting thing sucks. :? I live in a fairly small city of 34,000 and I have only seen company owned bulk candy machines in my area so it looks like I am the "Lone Vendor":D.  I'm starting with only 1 machine, but plan on going full time within 5 years. Can't wait! Working 6-7 days a week getting someone else rich sucks. Once I go full time I already have wife labor and slave(child) labor available.  Anyhow, I just wanted to introduce myself.


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Welcome to the board! Good luck on your venture. Your goals are very attainable. In fact they sound very very similar to mine when I bought my first machine. 1 machine, 5 year goal, family participation... As far as I'm concerned, thats a recipe for success!

Visit us often to let us know how you are coming along.


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