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Where to buy brand new NW 60's and stands?


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Hey guys, getting ready to try my hand in the vending business. As far as machines go, I've read that buying used is the way to go. That said, since I am just starting and have literally no experience, I feel like it is a gamble for me to start with used equipment since I am not knowledgable enough to differentiate between a good deal or a crappy machine. Also, I like the idea of spending a little bit extra to start off right and have presentable, functional machines right off the bat. 

From what I've been reading, single head gumballs for 25 cents are a manageable and profitable way to enter the industry. It seems like the Northwestern 60's are a good choice, and I'm ready to invest. 

Just wondering what you guys think is the best way for me to acquire these machines to begin my endeavor? 

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