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Shootin Hoops Playfield Dress Up Pictures


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I thought I'd post a couple pictures of some new Shootin Hoops playfield changes we've made to our machines.   First I'd like to thank Jax for telling us how to do it and where to buy the stickers to dress up the machines.   The stickers really make the machines look nicer and not nearly as plain.   Surprised that Beaver hasn't done this themselves as it makes a big improvement in the machines.  For those of you that might like to order these for your machines here is the source:     http://www.createforless.com  It cost like maybe a dollar per machine depending on how many stickers you place on a machine.



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Looks good, I like it! They give it that arcade look and feel. FYI, These machines are not 100% made by Beaver. A third party called Gumusements in Alabama created the original machine and utilized Beaver parts - good call on their part. However, the company was sold to a guy in Idaho and I now believe he is also out of business since his web site and phone no longer work. It turned into a mini biz-op which would explain why some people are dumping dozens of them at a time. No a real big deal, since only the plastic body and playing area are the only parts we can no longer get.  They rarely break unless someone vandalizes the machine.

Happy Hoopin


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