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Brand new-sticker/tattoo machine help


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Hello everyone.  I grabbed a couple of used tattoo/sticker machines this morning and was hoping someone can help me out.  I believe that they are ESD machines, and on one of them the chute that holds the cards is the size of baseball/sports cards.  It's small than the other 2 that fit the card sleeves that hold the tattoos & stickers.  I'd like to have them all the same format as I have no interest really in having the sports cards as one of my 3 options.  Does anyone know if I can buy a replacement "chute" (I'm not sure if there is a more recognized name) that is tattoo/sticker size and if so where I'd be able to get it?  I've tried doing Google and eBay searches but only seem to get results for coin mechs, not the vertical housing I'm referring to and looking for.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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