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Need help with first claw machine (Rainbow/String)


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Hello all! I picked up my first crane the other day! My 1.5 year old loves the crane games, so we picked him up a nice working Rainbow! Well he played it all day yesterday, and this morning - he managed to break the darn thing! 

It threw an error earlier about the up switch - I pushed the brake and the claw came partway down. It cleared out the error message, and the game returned to working. However, the claw will not go down all the way - only part of the way! Looking up in there you can see that the string is bound on itself and not winding properly. 

Here is a photo of the machine.


Here is the carriage - I need to open this up and rewind the string.....however I can't see how you'd do it? There are a lot of screws on this carriage and I can't believe you'd have to remove them all just to get inside there.





Please help as my kid is complaining all the time that he wants the machine!

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