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Cage Fight


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Sorry, I've been out of town a couple days still catching up!

I do not run triples so I can't comment on doubles vs triples however I can throw in my 2 cents on doubles vs singles. I think, but could be wrong, that the same philosophy would hold true.

My singles rarely make as much as my doubles do total. However, my singles make more than any one head on a double. This is why I am converting to all (or mostly) singles. You can read more about that HERE. That 2nd head just seems like dead weight to me when it could be making more on its own.

I would imagine that would hold true in your scenario as well. Meaning, You will make more money off of your double than you will make off 2 heads in a triple setup. Yes, your total on a triple should be more than a double due to volume but your average per head will be lower. I just want every head I have taking in the most they can.



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Ditto. I want to be efficient and effectivie. I don't want to spend extra money on a head that won't pull its weight. I started off on the 3 head bandwagon and am starting to waiver and join the other team. 2 heads means less money to put more machines out there. I am concerned that a 3rd head would bring in a little extra money, but not enough to justify the expense. 

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This is a tough call but in an actual cage fight Triples would be very heavy and hard to swing effectively. They would pack a huge wallop thoughbut the added weight would also wear you out quicker. I personally would go for the doublehead for the lighter weight and flexibility of movement.

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