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I popped my cherry! (Machines came in the mail)


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:)  So I got my 5 heads, 3 stands in the mail yesterday.  I built my first one, threw it in the backseat (forgetting the key at the house, of course), and went to Sam's club to buy some PM&Ms. 

I hit ...

Boston Market - "Nope, corporate policy. Sorry"

Payless Shoes - "Manager will be in tomorrow sometime"

Korean Restaurant - Already had a rack

Pizza Place - "Owner's name is blahblah, ask for him tomorrow"

Chinese place - Closed

2nd Chinese place - "Owner in tommorow.  Just ask for the owner (won't give me a name)"

Mexican place - Closed

Salad Bar - "Sounds great, but that's a decision the GM needs to make.  Talk to him before 11 or after 2, his name is Xenu, his number is 123"

Subway - "That sounds really cool, but I need to see some literature before I can make any descions."  "Of course Blah, I'm happy to provide that to you.  I'll be back in a day or so with all the information from the charity's vender outreach program"  (I thought Subway would toss me out on my head immediately)

Then on the way home, I stopped in at a local Jerky guy (try the Korean BBQ jerky... it's phenomenal).  Spoke with him for a few moments... bam!  First location :cool:

He said to drop by at the end of the week to place it.  I'm going with a single head, PM&Ms.

Woot woot.


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  I have tried subway too got turned down corporate thing , but who knows I have this Vocellie's Pizza up here that is corperate too one said no one has my machine !:?  Keep trying put on an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself and go get locations !  If they say no at least you know ya feel good enough about your image ! :cool:

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And all this time I have been fretting about which machine to buy......what product to sell.......where to buy the product.....what charity to go with.....and now I find that it is all about the "outfit"

Every day I learn something on this forum.

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Keep in mind you're talking to a woman. ;) I'm gonna get all religious on you right now. My pastor was telling a story about how one preacher always got people to come up at the end of service for decision time. A young preacher asked this other pastor how he always seems to get people to come up during decision time. The older pastor asked, "do you expect someone to come up every time you preach." The the young pastor said, "no." The older, wiser pastor said to him, "well, there's your problem." 

I guess what I'm trying to say is Attitude plays a huge role. Everytime you walk in to a place, go in with the expectation that you are going to leave with less machine in your garage. Of course this is easier said than done, but its no wonder that when you place one machine you almost always can place another shortly thereafter.


Selling is a lot more fun when you're giving stuff away for free!!!

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