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Came across weird alcohol tester, no idea what brand or to make it work


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Hello, after spending two days on google trying to figure out what this machine is i came across this forum, with the hope that someone might recognise this machine.


I found a machine in a second-hand store, which is an alcohol test machine. You throw in a 1 euro coin, grab a straw and blow in it. It will then show how much alcohol you've drunk.


After turning it on, the speaker makes a buzzing sound, but not always. The screen does not light up and only the normal lights light up. Throwing a coin does not do anything, i verified it does not get rejected.

There's three buttons on the motherboard, aswell as a thing with 4 tiny switches on it. I tried setting these to diffrent values but to no avail. I googled litteraly everything i could imagine, but couldnt find any matching images.

The machine does not have any brand stickers other than the old coin mechanism which was designed for british pounds, that has been replaced with a mechanism for euros.

I hope someone knows this machine or knows how i could get it to work, i wanted to test the coin activation switch and everything but i do not have my multimeter with my right now sadly.

Theres a sticker that reads --- the same number is on the motherboard aswell, there's also some stickers on the door with old phone and fax numbers. Could not find them either.

Im from the netherlands, if that's a useful clue.

here's some pictures of the machine including the parts i mentioned




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