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Jimbo - Sacramento CA


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Hi vending brothers and sisters, I got here thru the kickstart forum and I see alot of the same people here and some that are on BVU.

I am a bulk charity vendor out of Sacramento Ca. I started bulk in early 2002 after reading Bill Ways book and buying 65 Uturns, so I guess you could say I got taken by a biz op. I used a locater and got those placed and slowly started to build my route with route master triples, some vendstars when I could get a deal, a few triple plays and now oak 450 doubles. I went full time in late 05 and continue today. I really enjoy the freedom of bulk and look foreward to sharing info and growing together.


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Welcome Jimbo!

Its great to have another full timer on board. I'm sure you will get a lot of questions from our members who are just starting out. I look forward to your input.

How many machines do you currently have out?


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machines out 370 on 186 locations, most are double oaks although Im all over the board with machine types from singles, doubles, triples which im phasing to doubles, uturn 4s the same and uturn 8s which Im phasing to oak 4s.

Nowadays Im buying oak 450s on durastands

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