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Hey peoples, another boring intro


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Nice forum ya got here dudes and dudettes. My names' Jason, and I'm from Alabama

I'm about to get started, hopefully, in bulk vending, just researching all I can before I take the dive. It seems like a great opportunity for me, and especially my fiancee. She's a stay at home mom, and it would be much better than working nights and weekends at a restaurant

I'm actually trying to get a new job right now, in the route sales biz, and I've been trying to figure out a new way to make side money, taking advantage of the fact that I'll be dealing with retail and convenience stores all day. This job would build my relationships with the management of 80-100 different stores and restaurants......the perfect foot-in-door method of locating! My brother currently works there, so maybe I can get him to help locate for me also.

Anyway, I'm gonna go back to wandering the forums, and soak up some more info. See-ya

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Welcome to the forum Jason. Its great to have you aboard. I believe you are our 1st member from Alabama! Roll Tide!

I seems like you have a great opportunity to locate some machines if you are already networking with your core targets. Even if you get 40-50% of those locations you will do quite well.

Thanks again for joining and we all look forward to following your progress into bulk vending!


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