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ATM Business - Possible?


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Hello all,

I  know this is just another thread about ATM business, but here I want to be able to ask as much as I can so that I and others can learn as much as we can.

- Is it worth investing in these times?
- The minimum starting amount of money needed?
- How hard is to get locations?
I will continue to post questions as we go. Looking forward to your answers! Thank you.
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Hey Man,

I know it might seem daunting at first due to the number of threads, but the best way to get the information you seek is in older threads.  The search tool is a great mechanism to answer some of those questions.

I am not currently in the atm business myself but have researched and read a lot of posts in these forums and on other sites online

Blueplate is a good source of ATM knowledge in these boards, there are a few other people as well with some good info.

- Is it worth investing in these times? - depends on your capital level currently and what sort of ROI you are looking for. there is still money to be made but you need to find great locations.
- The minimum starting amount of money needed?- typically you can get started with as little as 3500+, but it depends how often you would like to service the machine. Most people put 1-2k in the machine, and the machine itself costs about 2k for a new one, or more depending on options you choose. 
- How hard is to get locations? -The highest traffic locations usually have atms already but there can still  be sweet spots out there.  Also a lot of the bigger ATM vendors have 3-5 year contracts so if a store/ account is unhappy with their service and the contract is nearing the end, you could be able to offer better service and step in. its all what you make of it. I hope this helps.
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