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Bought vintage advance gumball machine lamp...now what?


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I usually buy and sell antiques, but this was my first gumball machine. I may refurbish it and put it in my home arcade. I have a few questions about it if anyone knows the answers.


One would be what model is this? My first thought was a model d based on some others which were similar but I'm not sure.

Next is how can I open this up. It came with no keys. There are 2 locks: an antique AMCO lock on the top, and a circular lock to access the change holder on the bottom. There is quite a lot of change inside the machine, and although the glass says that it is a 5 cent machine, I can see other coins. I'm curious what is inside. Another thing is that there is some nasty gumballs inside and I would definitely like to clean it out. I assume the original AMCO lock adds some value so I don't want to destroy it. Is this the type of thing I'd be able to pick with minimal lock picking knowledge or is my only option to destroy it?

My third question is what would you do with this machine? Someone took the time to transform this into a lamp and the wiring still works. If I was to sell this would it have more value if I turned it back into gumball machine, or as a novelty lamp. The mechanism still works so it is functional as both a lamp and machine. It looks like someone sloppily threw a coat of red paint on this as well. Something else I would like to fix about it. 


Sorry for the messy photos. I took all my purchases out and threw them on the table and took a few quick photos to send to a friend. I will try and update this post with better photos later.

Any opinions are welcome. Thanks for the help



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