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Hire Staff for Corporate Vending Business

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I just want to start a "corporate vending business" in which my target will be only offices and corporate clients that need coffee machines and some combo machine or small full-line machines. These are companies that are medium, 50 to 100 persons.

As I am starting part-time, I was thinking about hiring someone (like a salesman) who can look locations for me as I do not have time in office hours. I do not live in US, so here is no locator company like Blue Mouse. Here, the business is more raw.

I wanted your opinion about hiring my own staff, training him/her or them and look for locations. Maybe I can be the "Blue Mouse" in here and helping others to find locations. (which are the pros and cons of this service).

Also I which recommendations of cheap coffee machines and combo machines *second hand that can be converted easily to MDB.

Thanks and I appreciate your help.


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