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SG200 Rubino Saeco "inserire cassetto fondi"


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when I plug in my Saeco Rubino sg 200 on the display it reads "inserire cassetto fondi".

I assume it thinks there is a cash drawer / coin system to be entered.

this is a home unit, unable to get into program or maintenance settings, the message stays the same no matter what buttons pressed.

any thoughts? is there a master "reset" button

thank you, take care

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there are two options how to correct it:

1. purchase an original Tablet Vain 1813.016.A20 which will fit in the upper cabinet. It has a small plate on the far side which fits in the opening of the back wall where is a switch to close the circuit

2. using a small metal angle plate (usually supplied with the machine) with two oval holes, insert it into the back wall opening behind the tray, press it all the way down to connect the switch and secure it with two screws into the pre-drilled holes.

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