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whats a fair price for vendstar route?


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A lady is selling 60 vendstars that she just bought 2 months ago. 54 are placed but she even told me that some locations arent very good. She said she paid 12000 for the machines and 3000 for the locations and thats what she is asking. 15000

Obviously I wouldnt pay that much. Im not paying for location that arent that great and Im not paying full price for vendstars even if they are new.

I told her that and she told me to make an offer. We talked on the phone for long time when i responded to her ad and she seems very nice. She said she regrets buying so many on a whim and she doesnt wanna get into vending after all. I dont think she researched it too much. I dont think she knows that vendstar has terrible reputaion.

I have 20 machine route right now and was hoping for someone to be selling an existing route so I could expand faster

What do you think would be a good offer for me to make her?

Should I just avoid a 60 machine vendstar route all together even if i can get a good price?

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Offer $2500.. Cash. Be prepared to go to $3000 ONLY if she counters with something. If she doesn't name one figure $ 2500.00 Cash. Today

If she says no DO NOT raise your offer to $3000.00 trying to get them. Your offer is $2500.00 based on what you need to do to realize a profit in a reasonable time.

Just tell her that $2500.00 is what the route is worth to you. Tell her you understand where she is coming from and be sympathetic to her position. Explain that your will leave your offer open to her. If she is't able to get what she wants tell her to call you and you will complete the deal right away.

Make sure you have your $2500.00 available.

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She said she regrets buying so many on a whim and she doesnt wanna get into vending after all.


Desperation. If you want the route, offer her $2500. Don't sound too eager. Act as if the route would be a burden to you as well but you are willing to do her a favor and take over. Leave your offer on the table and walk away. She will call.


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well they are basically new. She only had them for a month and a half. I dont know if she would take 2500. That a 12500 loss in just a few months for her. Im gonna try though cuz i could tell she really has had a change of heart about doing a vending business. She bought 60 machines without any clue what she was getting in to

she is in a touch situation cuz she will never get close to what she wants. She says about them being located but cant offer any data on how they are doing. so she is basically selling bad machines at unproven locations and was hoping to get all her money back. She would be better off doing it for a year and then selling the machines cheap. At least she would make some money back with her monthly collections.

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