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Did I make a mistake?


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OK, I need your thoughts here:

My best location is at a small pizza place, and pulled in $57 last month.   It had Gumballs and Runts.  By far, gumballs account for most sales; runts only made $7.00.

I went back out this weekend and put in a single head gumball machine.  What do you think - a mistake? 

Another question - I have to place this machine outside.  As cold weather approaches, should I try another candy, or stick with gumballs?  The gum is kind of hard as it is.

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I dont think you made a mistake, I do this alot,  to me a head should  make at least $10-12 a month, also  I would not use M&M  peanuts outside. Take the other head, make it a single and place it at another location.

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