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Craigslist is Awesome


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I never really tried craigslist before. I was upset after losing an auction on ebay and I went to craigslist just out of curiousity and found several very good deals. I'm getting 38 Eagle vending machines and a Northwestern tripleplay for only $180. I Can't wait wait to pick them up! I just spent $220 on a three head from GBW(my first machine). Now I think I can expand a little bit faster now. I've got to make my $650 budget go as for as it can.


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Congrats on your find! I have recently been looking on Craigslist myself. I was able to find a great deal on a soda machine for only $300.

Long live Craigslist!


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Yeah - good deals can be found on all sorts of things on Craig's List. And, it is based on your area, so there aren't the shipping issues and buying sight unseen like can happen on Ebay. I got my first (and so far only) four machines from CL, and could look at them and check them out before I kicked out the cash!

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