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Dixie Narco wiring relay issue


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Hello Forum,

Hopefully some can help me out. I was given a dixie narco machine by a friend. I cleaned it up and it gets ice cold. The problem is it would not vend. The jones plug had been unplugged, I took the box off the door and found the KU-4156 relay laying there with all the wires disconnected. I ordered another assuming the old one was the problem. My dilemma is where do the wires connect to the relay. There are four white wires from the jones plug labeld N3-N3, H7-H7, 1N6, 2N2. There are three red wire that lead to the bottom of the machine labeled A14, A7, A8. I don't want to williy nilly start plugging wires in and fry something.  System wont me upload pic of backside of plug with pins. Left side form bottom up is A,7,4,1 in the middel 2,5,and 8 are empty. On the right side of plug is from bottom up B,9,6,3 

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