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Saeco Rubino Beverage Programming


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Hello! Our office recently got a free Saeco Rubino SG200E machine. We had it cleaned & serviced by a technician and it is currently operating at our office in Free Vend mode. I've been playing with the Beverage Programming options to try to fine tune the taste of each beverage. However, there are some options in the programming menu that I don't understand and could use some help.

I've only had the manual to reference but I find it lacks detailed explanations about some features. So I have some questions about the following:

1) What does the "Motor Delay" option do exactly? It seems that for every beverage and for every "soluble" (powdered ingredient) our machine has Motor Delay set to "005". What purpose does it serve? What would it mean if I increased the delay? How much time does each increment of delay represent? In what scenario would I want to increase the delay? How often does the delay trigger and when does it trigger?

2) What does "%Soluble" actually do? This is a setting that can be set between 10 to 120 in increments of 10. The manual describes this option as "the speed at which the instant
powder and water are brewed". The manual says that at low settings the soluble is brewed with "impulses" and at high settings the water pump will instead work with "impulses". What are these impulses and why would I want anything to impulse? I've noticed that our cappuccino beverage has been programmed with "%Soluble=60". All other beverages are "%Soluble=100". Why would cappuccino be the only one? Does this help with "frothing" the powdered milk soluble in any way?

3) The manual and programming options refer to "instant product" and "solubles". Are these the same thing? Are they confusingly using 2 terms to describe the same thing or is there something specific about "instant product" that differentiates itself from "solubles"?

Much thanks to anyone who can offer any insight.

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