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Crane 765 tray programming

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I have a Crane 765 snack machine with a problem that's driving me nuts..
The top 4 trays all have 4 products, and all trays have 4 motors with double spirals connected by gears.
The status of the top 2 trays is fine and are reading A. A. A. A. and B. B. B. B.
Tray D is missing 2 motors on the display, and is only showing D. D.
I've had this problem before and have usually solved it by re-connecting the wiring harness at the back of the tray or changing an incorrect price.
However, this time tray C is showing C. C. C. C. C. (x5) even though there are only 4 motors present.
My question is, is it possible via the program to add/remove tray motors/letters?
All I can get it to do is change from a letter C to a cross symbol, I can't actually remove the 5th C.
The main problem is D, but because I'm seeing 5 C's I'm thinking it's a programming problem rather than the wiring.
I've also swapped a known good wiring harness from B to D but it remains exactly the same.
The manual only talks about coupling the motors which is not the issue.
Please help! 🙂

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