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Rainbow Crane WC42


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If there is not a pot on your board, then your Rainbow crane's strength was likely set by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted via the board. This is almost certainly true if your crane has a notice on it stating the strength was set by the manufacturer. I believe this stems from California regulations in the 90s when cranes were heavily regulated, and as Rainbow opearated out of Poway, CA for a bit, they complied.

If you're looking to alter play, there are a few workarounds. Other than swapping in a board which does have a potentiometer on it, you can try bending the claw prongs to your liking to adjust the size of the gap between prongs, or you can also open up the coil to adjust the tension in the spring underneath the coil. Removing the spring altogether would lead to increased strength while elongating the spring would lead to a weaker grab. Of course, this requires trial and error to get the strength to your liking.

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