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Replacing a MARS ME111 with a modern coin acceptor


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I got an old machine with a Mars ME111 coin acceptor. From the manual it says that it should have a 17pin connector. Looking at the PCB there is 17 pins on the board but just 15-pins are occupied.
I tested all pins and it looks like the spec for Mars 15-pin connector. (manual is found here: (Mars ME111 Manual)


The cable is "rotten" so pin 2 and pin 3 almost broken. So I assumed that the ME111 gets the pin as "floating" and INHIBIT is activated.
I resolder/replace connectors and got a coin working. 😉

Next step is to totally replace the ME 111 coin acceptor.

I want to connect a Comestero RM5 och Alberici coin acceptor.

My idea is to connect the new coin acceptor in paralell and keep the ME 111 connected to the mainboard. Just have the ME111 inside the cabinett and not able to drop coins in. 
So the coinacceptor get 12V from PIN6 on ME111 and GND from pin 5 at ME111.
I want to "foul" the motherboard that the coin is activated in the ME111 but it is the new coin acceptor that creates the pulse.

Then I have the pulse from the new coin acceptor. It is a 100ms pulse with 100ms delay between pulses.
The pulse is normally high and the pulses goes down to GND. 
I beleive that ME111 pin 14 is the PIN that deceides if the pulse should go to LOW or HIGH.

Can I connect the new coin acceptor pulse to ME111 pin 13 (= £1 coin)?
Do I need some other adjustment to get the new coinacceptor working?


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