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A newbie is me.

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Hi guys

im new to the forum and to vending. I’m a small business owner that what I believe has a need for a small combo machine. I’ve lurked for a while and know combos are not preferred but I only had 30” w to work with. So I drove 3 hrs and bought a used crane 474 off of Facebook which the owner said worked well but 2 can ejectors needed fixed. I had a sinking feeling that the unit needed more than that when the seller blocked me on Facebook right after selling it. I’m here because I feel like I need help fixing the last issue the machine has. 

should I open a separate thread for my issue? 

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Good news! I’ve fixed my problems and figured I’d add it here for someone else dealing with the same issues. Machine I have is crane National 474 it’s a combo with ccm8 can dispenser. Here is what I know. Can unit has an air temp sensor on the output side of the evaporator coil shroud. Part number of the sensor board is:9989548 on this board you will find a K5U 104M (kemet ceramic leaded capacitor), a Texas Instruments LM34 Fahrenheit temp sensor, 1uF 50v axial capacitor, and a 10pm resistor. All of these components can be bought and soldered out pretty easily. 

The can dispenser has a 1/6hp r134 pump that needs 6.5oz of charge. 

the evaporator coil fan 4724124 on mine showed its age so I upgraded it to a mechatronics uf12a12 bth axial fan( about $18 in 2023) in mounts neatly in the coil shroud without needing to drill holes. I did thread the bolts into the aluminum of the fan casing. New fan is much quieter, higher cfm and possibly more efficient(couldn’t read the old data on prior fan. 

while there I also swapped the condenser fan 3608235 from a 3w motor to a 6/9w motor. I don’t have the part number on hand of the motor I swapped to but can get it if needed. 

the issue I encountered with the machine was it telling me that the f tray was unlatched. I ran thru my connections, inspected all the boards and their daughters and all seemed fine on the component level. The way to fix that is to just load the machine up with cans. I power cycled and the error disappeared. 

sorry for the long thread, figured worst case I could look back on some of this stuff in the future if I ever need to buy a part for this machine. 

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Also I forgot to add I updated the lighting situation with several sticks of Hera thinstick lights. That really makes the unit pop! I’m hoping my customers will flock to it like moths to a flame :)

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