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  This might be a little sloppy , but I will try to do my best on making this clear so everyone can understand !  On November 1 or 2nd I will get more totals and try to post them up ASAP !


8/15/07 -9/27/07     Chinese Restaurant  $3.00     Pmm , Reese's , Skitles

8/15/07 -9/27/07    Flesh Factory  $31.00    Pmm, Hot T , Peanuts

8/15/07- 9/27/07    Jeep dealer $4.75   Cashue's , Peanut , M&M ( switched Peanuts - M&Ikes )

**8/15/07- 9/27/07   Dry cleaner #1 $4.50  Pmm, Runts, Tangy bites ( switched runts for Hot t's ) ***

8/15/07-9/27/07     Jewler's $2.75    MikeNike, Skittles, m&m

8/15/07-9/27/07    Bead place $28.75    Reese's,  Hot T,  pmm ( switched Hot T's - M&Ike )

8/15/07-927/07    Bar #2  $34.25    Cashue's , Peanuts, Reese's

8/15/07-9/27/07 Chinese Restaurant #2 $4.25  Peanuts , HOT T,Tangy bite (another machine here)

8/16/07-9/27/07  Salon $5.25 Runts, Peanuts, M&I (did good at 1st till another machine showed up)

8/16/07-9/27/07   Hardware store $8.00 Hot T , Pmm, Skittles ( switched skittles- Polar mint gum )

8/16/07-9/27/07    Coffee shop Java $20.50   Reese's, M&I, Cashues (vendstar)

9/17/07-9/27/07    Coffee shop Java $5.25  Double bubble  ( This is that golpher nugget machine )

9/16/07-9/27/07    Auto place $15.00   Cashues, Pmm, Skittles

9/16/07-9/27/07    Sunshine $17.00    Pmm, Tangybites, Reese's

9/16/07-9/2707     L Salon $16.50   Tangybites, Runts, Reese's ( 86ing the tangy bites soon )

9/16/07-9/27/07    Auto dealer $5.25    M&M, Reese's, Cashues

9/16/07-9/27/07    Tanz $14.25   Skittles, M&I, Cashues ( switched skittles- Polar mint gum )

9/16/07-9/27/07    D Salon $25.25 They have 2 machines (vendstars)

                                  Reese's, Pmm,Peanuts,M&I,MintGum,Skittles

                                   (  I am trying to down size this location. )

9/16/07-9/27/07    Post office $6.25   Runts, Peanut, Reese's ( I pulled this machine will explain )

8/16/07-9/27/07    Vocelli Pizza $25.25    Reese's, Pmm, Hot T

8/16/07-9/27/07    Auto shop $4.75   Reese's,  Peanuts,M&Ms

8/16/07-9/27/07    Lobby $10.00    Pmm, Hot t's, Skittles

8/15/07-9/27/07    Paint store $9.25   Pmm, Cashues, M&Ikes ( M&IKES were jammed )

8/16/07-9/27/07    Flea mart store $20.75     Pmm, Runts, M&Ike

8/16/07-9/27/07   Bangor's bar $16.75  Pmm, Cashues, M&IKE ( 86ed the old cashues4 new 1's )

8/15/07-9/27/07   Discont store $6.75    Pmm, Skittles, Cashues

8/15/07-9/27/07    Verizonwireless  $11.50  m&m, Runts, Skittles

8/15/07-9/28/07    Phil's bar $53.50   Cashue's, Hot T's,  Pmm

8/20/07-9/28/07   Rudy's $15.00 Cashue's,Peanuts, M&ike ( 86ed the Hot T's- added polar gum )

8/13/07-9/28/07   Kathey's Dry cleaner's $15.25    Hot T's,  Pmm, Skittles

9/1/07-9/27/07   Pizza Shop $13.50   Runts , M&M, Skittles ( Went out of business 10/15/07 )

**8/14/07-9/28/07   Pizza/conventestore $6.00  tangybite, Skittle, Cashues ***

8/17/07-9/29/07   Salon $24.25  Reese's, Runts,M&M

9/13/07- ?    J Mike's Bar $?.oo ?     Peanuts, Skittles, Cashues ( have not checked this one yet )

9/29/07 - ?   Coffee shop #2   $?.oo ?    Pmm, Reese's, Runts  ( have not checked this one yet )


**This indicate that I started a promotion there with the yellow bananna find it and when something.

  I pulled the machine because Vocelli Pizza machine broke and they make more money than the post office which was across the street.

The Pizza shop that went out of business still has my machine in it .  I am trying to get a hold of them !

 That is all I have for now !



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 Oh just if someone is wondering I do have 38 machines and only 35 as of right now on location ! Two of them I am updating and are sitting in the garage as so is the other one ,but I should have that one back at a new location or back at the post office by the middle of next week !

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Keep these, relocate the rest, I can tell right now this is gonna be a good route and I would not be suprised if you get to a route avg of $30...

Flesh Factory  $31.00

Bead place $28.75

Bar #2  $34.25

Hardware store $8.00

Coffee shop Java $20.50

Auto place $15.00

Sunshine $17.00

L Salon $16.50

Tanz $14.25

D Salon $25.25

Vocelli Pizza $25.25

Lobby $10.00

Paint store $9.25

lea mart store $20.75

Bangor's bar $16.75

Verizonwireless  $11.50

Phil's bar $53.50

Rudy's $15.00

Kathey's Dry cleaner's $15.25

Pizza Shop $13.50

Salon $24.25

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  I think that means I have to relocate like over ten !  WOW I am going to be busy !  I think I might start soon I just hate the idea that I have to explain it to the owners !  I wish I could just take it back with no expanation !

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well you can. just say your going to service it and bring it back and then dont bring it back. Give them a call if you feel like it and say you went out of business or something. If one of my machines isnt doing well I just tell them it isnt doing well and needs to be moved. I dont offer anymore explanation than that. Its just not doing well.

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With your numbers, you have some really good spots and some really bad ones, what you dont have is a bunch in the middle so it seems pretty clear cut to me.

It does suck to walk. Its easier to walk in and try and get a location than it is to pull out of one. Its like reverse rejection or something. Trust me, these guys are business owners, they understand, I usually say 'well we tried it, nobodys really using it so, were gonna relocate it but thank you for letting us try'. 

When you have a 100 locations avg. $33 a stop your gonna be happy, you will have built a business worth $$ and you will have done it all on your own.


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Yea, When I first started, I used to do the old "I'm gonna clean it and bring it back" but you're better off just telling the location that It's just not performing. Most will understand and some won't even care that you are taking it.

If you feel the need to explain, just say that in order to generate the most revenue for your chosen charity, you are forced to relocate any machines that fall below a certain income level.

Your locations will appreciate your honesty and view you as a professional. If you lie and say you'll bring it back then don't, They will remember that lie. If they ever see any of your machines elsewhere they will be reminded how un-professional you are as a business person. Besides, You never want to burn bridges in this business. Having a good relationship with other business owners in your area is a great thing.


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I started to use dixie cups as of 11/2/07 I ended up checking my machine and pulling money earlier than I wanted too , because I want to check and make sure that they where all on site since I got that strange phone call about one of my machines being in Maryland !  I also check so early because the husband was off that day and it gave me a chance to do it with out dragging the kids w/ me !  These are the numbers between 9 /28/07 and 11/27/07 I have left three not checked so will wait till Dec. 2 or so to check them ! 

Here goes :


1.Chinese Resturant    $7.00   Pmm , Reese's , Skittles

2.Flesh Factory               ------------------------------  will check later ---------------

3.Jeep Dealer              $8 .25    Cashues , M&I , M&M ( switched m&m to peanut M&MS )

4.**Dry Cleaner #1     $8.75       Pmm, HT, Tangy bites **

5.Jeweler's                 $3.25               M&I , Skittles,  M&M  ( this machines need to be relocated )

6.Bead place             $26.25             Reese's , M&I,  Pmm

7.Bar # 2                     $33.75             Cashue's ,  Reese's,  Peanuts

8.Chinese rest. #2    $6.75       Peanuts , HT,  Tangy  ( competion here Candy king machine here )

9.Salon                        $16.25     Runts , M&I, Polar gum ( competion here, hit big with the gum )   

10.hardware               $15.50     HT,  Pmm,  M&I

11-12.Java                  $19.75   Reese's, M&I,  Cashues , DB gum  ( switched out cashues ) 

13.Auto Place             $19.75   Cashue ,  Pmm,  Skittles

14.Sunshine                $16.25    M&I , Runts, Reese's

15.Salon L                    $22.00  Tangy, Runts, Reese's

16.Auto dealer            $4.75  M&M,  Reese's,  Cashues  ( need to move )

17.Tanz                       $ 9.25   polar gum , M&I , Cashues        

18.D Salon                   $ ------------------------------------ need to check later on -----------------

19.Vocelli Pizza         $ 21.50     Reese's ,  Peanuts,  Runts

20.Auto shop             $13.50    Reese's ,  Skittles, mm

21.Paint store           $6.75   Peanut, cashues, M&I  

22.Flea market         $43.75   Pmm,  runts, M&I

23.Bangors bar           $22.00  Pmm , cashue, M&I (switched M&I to Reese&Peanut blend )  

24.Discount store      $ ------------- need to check and move -----------------------

25.Verizon                  $8.50   Skittles , mm, runts

26.Phil's bar            $36.25   Cashues,  HT,  Pmm ( it would of been better if it was not vandilized )

27.Lobby                  $6.75   Pmm , HT,  Skittles   

28.Rudy's                $ 33.25   Cashues,  M&I , Polar gum 

29.Kathey's dry     $18.75  HT,  Pmm,  Skittles

30.Airbrushing      $10.25  Cashue's,  MM,  Skittles  ( New location as of 10/25/07 )

31.**Pizza/conv.   $9.25  Tangy, Skittles, Cashues  ( need to move )     

32.Salon            $19.25  Skittles, Pmm, MM  ( they had made only $2.75 from 11/8/07 till 11/24/07 ?)

 ** I was running a promotion with these locations I am no longer doing it at these locations ! 


   Please remeber this is over a two month period and I am not that happy with the numbers !  I am not sure if these dixie cups are doing there jobs at some of these places.  I know they are doing a good job at most of my salons though.


:?       :)                        Tiffeney Report from Sept 28, 07  -  Nov. 27, 07                                  :shock:       :?

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$19.25  Skittles, Pmm, MM

$18.75  HT,  Pmm,  Skittles

$36.25  Cashues,  HT,  Pmm

$22.00  Pmm , cashue, M&I

$43.75  Pmm,  runts, M&I

$26.25  Reese's , M&I,  Pmm

$19.75  Cashue ,  Pmm,  Skittles

$18.75  HT,  Pmm,  Skittles

Seems like the vast majority of your top performers(minus the bar locations) use PMM (M&I and skittles close second).  Maybe you should try switching these in to your poor performers?

P.S. That new icon is just creepy....

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I got the rest of my numbers here they are :


Flesh Factory  $11.00   ( they close the store so I pulled the machine ) :(


 D Salon    $23.50


   :XThis suck I just lost two of my good location Flesh Factory and the bead place !:(


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  • 1 month later...

Just lost another good location due to no room after the remolding is done !


It was Carivor's bar and grill !




I am now going to type up what I made this month should be on in the next hour or hopefully less depends on how much the kids nag me while I am typing !

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 These are my totals from Nov. 24 -- Jan. 10 and 11 .  It took me 2 day to complete !


ChinessResturant  $1.00

Jeep Dealer  $2.25

Dry cleaners #1  $3.50

Jewelers  .50

Carivor's  $11.75  (I pulled this machine due to they have no room :X )

Chinese #2  .25

Salon  $10.75

Hardware store  $6.25

Coffeshop  $4.25  ( the nugget machine broke by falling she says so now there is only a vendstar )

Auto place   $10.00

Sunshine  $6.50

L Salon  $10.25  (Took out pucker ups put in M&Ikes)  M&I , Runts, Reese's

Auto dealer  $2.00

Tanz  $5.75

D salon $19.75  ( They have 2 vendstars )

Vocelli Pizza  $20.00 ( They had salted peanut switched to Pm&m )

Auto shop  $14.75 ( this is there best month gave them the candy they wanted )

Paint store  $3.00 ( should start to make more due to other vendor got booted )

Flea Store  $20.50 (Pm&m where out here would of made more if I would of caught it prier )

Bangor's bar  $6.50 ( $5.50 in cashue's , .50 in Pmm, .50 in Reese's peanut mix )

Discount sales  $3.50

Verizon  $9.25 ( best it has done )

Phil's bar  $35.00 ( it was moved from jukebox for room for a x-mas tree I got spot back )

Lobby  $3.25 ( another machine showed up )

Rudy's  $31.25

Cathey's Dry cleaners  $3.75

Airbrushing   $____  (They picked up and moved without telling me I can see they left machine):X

Pizza/convente  $3.00

Salon  $11.00

Olive's Pizza  $18.50 ( New location I got )

Pennzoil  $21.75  ( New location I got )


  I know I need to relocate soo many machines I am just getting hit hard by so many of the goo places going out of business or what ever.  All most all of my location I got from Ron Davis are gone or duds .  I have one more machine in my garage I need to locate before I can start tweaking the other ones.  I am sure once I get the one in my garage place I will then get my machines out of the 2 businesses and then have more to place so who know's when I will be able to tweak my route.  It took me all day to locate 1 machine I placed that one in a hall with a lot of other business's there it is call De Care so lets hope that does good.  I can not stand locating it sucks I offten am stumbling over my words. I hve tryed to keep all my machines in the same area so I end up doing a complete circle , but I see this is no longer possible and I will have to go into a new town which will cost more in gas and take more time . :X

If anyone could put my average up that would be great kids are whinning and I need to go get some chez for the hubby's football guys night in tonight.


                       I started with 35 machines 1 was stolen so that makes 34 2 are in business's that are now closed that leave me with 32 machines out right now . There is only totals from 31 machines here .....

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If anyone could put my average up that would be great kids are whinning and I need to go get some chez for the hubby's football guys night in tonight.



With that many machines you would really benefit from a program like Vend-Trak. It will keep track of all your averages, runs all kinds of reports on the health of your business and even gives you nice looking charts and graphs so you can visualize how healthy your business is with just a click of the mouse.

Check it out right now! http://www.vend-trak.com. Sign up and use the key code "vendiscuss". You don't need a credit card and you will be able to use the program free for 2 months.


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I can not do it I am not computer savy !  All I know evertime I add something new to it it slows some I know I need more ram .  My oldest added I tunes and now my computer is running so slow it suck .  That is why I have not done that yet !  Going to get chezzzz !

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Thats the beauty of Vend-Trak, You don't have to download a thing. It is entirely web based so nothing goes on your computer to slow it down. It is just as quick as anything else you do on the web, like cruising this forum! :D

PS - Who does hubby like in the Pats game tonight? (No pressure)


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 He says he is scared of that game w/ the line as of now being Jagoffs +13.5 .  I am sure he will end up betting on someone during this game since he is having a couple of guys over tonight so will let u know if I know anything before I leave the house w/ the kid to go to Build a Bear !   I wish we knew we would be millionaires !  I say we ride Pusherman !


I will have to take a look at the site just do not have time to yet !

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Thats the beauty of Vend-Trak, You don't have to download a thing. It is entirely web based so nothing goes on your computer to slow it down. It is just as quick as anything else you do on the web, like cruising this forum! :D


This is true; the application is totally web-based not one that is downloaded and installed.  There are a few advantages to this set up.  First, as mentioned above, not installation is required.  It runs on any operating system (i.e. Mac, Windows, etc.) as long as you have access to the Internet.  (Note: the application is fully maximized with Internet Explorer).  Second, you can log into it from any computer, not just your personal computer.  This gives you more accessibility.  Third, any updates, additions, etc, are immediately available to all of our users.

You can sign up for a two month free trial if you would like to test it out (use the information above so that you get the discount if you continue your service).  Also, if you would like to see what it would look like once you have a lot of information in there, go to www.vend-trak.com and click on the "View Live Demo" image on the right side.

I've also put some Hints and Tips for Vend-Trak in the Special Buys forum under Vend-Trak.  Here is the link: http://www.vendiscuss.com/forums/view_forum.php?id=22

Happy Vending!

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