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Honor Boxes


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Unfortunately I don't have any hard facts but I would have to agree with your gut. I cant see the theft rate being any lower than 50%. I'm not saying they can't be profitable in the right location but there must be a significant markup to be able to absorb the shrink.


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RJ, why not try the smaller mint boxes. Here is me take: People will say "Hmm, I'll just pay latter, after all I'm here all the time". They will forget.

With MINT BOXES you are loosing 1 cent with ever stolen mint. If some one only puts 1 cent it the box and takes a mint, you are not in the hole. If someone puts .50 in the box, and takes a mint, they have paid for 49 stolen mints. You WILL not go in the hole with mint boxes, as you will with snack boxes.

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