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Newbie from Ottawa, Ontario Canada


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Good evening everyone.

My business partner and I just started up a small pop/snacks vending company. We are starting with 1 - 40 choice snack machine, 1 combo snack/pop machine, 2 - 12 choice snack machines and an older 5 choice pop machine. Once we get our feet wet, we would really like to start branching out and of course bulk vending is certainly an option. We are located in Canada, but are hoping that most of the information on this forum works for us up north.

Looking forward to many interesting discussions.




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ANother Canadian is always great to see!  As for machines, I have been looking for used machines, with or without a location on craigslist, ebay and kijiji, and have found some good leads.  I have not made any purchases of used, but plan to in the next week or so... 

Good luck in your venture - I'm new at this too, and am excited to begin overcoming some challenges!

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