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Anyone Familar With VendMax?


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They offer a mint machine ( which is overpriced ) that looks very different  and vends mints. They just started this other biz op with high energy mints and gum.  I actually tasted both in a sample.  The gum is absolutely excellent!  Gave me a noticeable boost and the taste lasted well over 1/2 hour.  The mint nearly knocked me off my feet.  Much too strong.  It gives you a boost though.  Gettin' into this biz op is totally off the charts in terms of price. If I knew the plain Tom's mint thing ( without the energy ) could possibly benefit me on Long Island, I would possibly take a shot and see how they do. The energy thing is certainly ' in ' these days as seen with sales of other energy things like RedBull. But these prices are just ridiculous, at least for the energy mint.

Anyone familiar with their products?

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Johnny I dont know these guys but heres my thoughts...

1- They created their own brand, that means no 'brand name recognition' for the customer.

2- You will be limited on where you can place these.

3- To me, this is a Bizop and you know about that, remember bizops tell you what you want  to hear- be wary.

You already know what type of machines to get, I would stick with that. What you need to figure out now is what products to run in a competitive market, If you email me I can share a few thoughts but what you need to do is see what guys are running in your area, do a survey, and it will show you what they dont have out.


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