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A few months ago I placed a triple in the pro shop at the Golf Course.  I does 40 - 45.00 per month.  Peanut M&Ms - M&I - and honey roasted peanuts.  Peanuts were slow so I made my own trail mix and called it "Fairway Mix"  It was a flop  only 2 quarters in the coin box.  Am trying Good & Plenty now. 

Does any one have golf course locations?

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I have a golf course with my machine right at the entrance between the pro shop and restaurant.  It barely does enough to keep the machine there.  Of course it is too hot for much play during the summer so hoping this fall and winter will pick up.  Cashews were selling the best and I'm switching products myself trying to find something that sells better.  Seems like a great location and the machine is in a great spot too.  We'll see what it does when the snow birds come back this winter and then I'll really know for sure if it's gonna be a dud or not.


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