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Gumball canister question


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Hey everyone -

I bought some used 1-800 vending machines, and each has a center canister that is obviously for gumballs or small capsules. My question is, can other products be dispensed from these canisters without jamming or messing things up? If so, what works best? Part of the reason I ask is it looks like peanuts were in one of these canisters before. And, some locations may not want gum sold there, but all four machines I got have the gumball canister in the middle of the triple head.

Thanks for any info or experiences!

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Thanks for the answer, John. 5 PMM's would be a little on the small side of the 7-10 pieces that seem to be mentioned a lot as a fair serving. Funny thing is, the max I can get out of the regular canister is 7, but it's usually 5 or 6 on these 1-800 machines, anyway. Maybe it'll just have to be gumballs in those center canisters!

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