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I live in MIssissauga, Ontario and I have had 3 double head machines sitting in my basement since the summer.  I know that I should have been more vigilant in trying to get them out on location, but I have had alot of other things going on (switching jobs, new baby).  I also tried hooking up with a couple of charities (local hospital, childrens charity).  The hospital wanted a minimum $50/month and the chilrdrens charity said that they don't do that kind of thing. 

Things have finally settled down for me and I am looking to get these things out and finally start making some money.  But I just wanted to know if there are any of you out there from Canada (Ontario specifically) and which charities you use if any.  I donate myself $30 to the Humane Society and was going to give them a call about using their name to up my monthly donation.  What do you guys think about using a Humane Society to help out?


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