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U-Turn question


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Do the four head U-Turns come with the elongated head only, or can it also be the smaller heads instead? I've found someone local selling 7 4 head units for $90 a piece. Around here, 4 heads is massive overkill for candy, which is all I do at the moment, but if these can do toys (sea/zoo mania) along with my normal candy selections, I may take the plunge.

Thanks for your input,


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Any Uturn can be adapted for the smaller canisters by simply cutting the center rod.  I sold a few on eBay that way since I had many extra smaller canisters.  However, I would not do that if vending toys, since they will usually sell so good that you will want the longer canisters.  The other problem is that Utun parts are extremely expensive and will charge double to non-original owners (but at least they will sell them unlike Vendstar and 1-800).  I believe a capsule wheel is $16 for an original owner, so it would be $32 per wheel to you - probably not worth it at for a $90 machine.  Those wheels are also hard to find on ebay since many other vendors want them after they discover that candy sales are ho-hum and toy sales can be wonderful!


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